Natural Thin Stone Veneer and Precast Stone Veneer

Center Cut

Stone Center’s own unique brand of stone veneer. We precision cut thin slices of natural stone and then cut the corners at 90˚ to create the appearance of thick building stone. The final product is only about 1" thick and weighs no more than 15 lbs. per square foot, ideal for inside and outside applications.

Searching for thin-cut stone like Charles Luck Stone Center's Hunt Valley, Clearview, Timber Ridge, Aspen Ridge, Belhurst, Cedarfield, Chestnut Grove, Devonshire Gray, Hearthstead, Hyde Park, Juniper Knoll, Kingsport, Newcastle, Pinehurst, Sienna Crest, Villa de Jardin, Devonshire Grey, Stillwater, Stony Point, Copper Bay, Potomac Run and Warm Springs? Check out our selection of Center Cut natural thin stone.

Ask us! Your Stone Center sales rep is ready to tell you more about this and other great products!

Center Cut Amber Creek Panel

Amber Creek Panel

Center Cut Amherst Ashlar

Amherst Ashlar

Center Cut Ashford Stony Point Ashlar

Ashford Stony Point Ashlar 

Center Cut Ashford Stony Point Dressed Ledge

Ashford Stony Point Dressed Ledge

Center Cut Ashford Stony Point European Ledge

Ashford Stony Point European Ledge

Center Cut Ashford Stony Point Mosaic

Ashford Stony Point Mosaic

Center Cut Ashford Stony Point Natural Ledge

Ashford Stony Point Natural Ledge

Center Cut Ashford Stony Point Williams Ledge

Ashford Stony Point Williams Ledge

Center Cut Autumn Ridge Panel

Autumn Ridge Panel

Center Cut Beige Ivory Travertine Panel

Beige Ivory Travertine Panel

Center Cut Canyon Falls Panel

Canyon Falls Panel

Center Cut Cedar Meadow Country Ledge

Cedar Meadow Country Ledge

Center Cut Chesterfield Ashlar

Chesterfield Ashlar

Center Cut Chestnut Grove Country Ledge

Chestnut Grove Country Ledge

Center Cut Collington Ashlar

Collington Ashlar

Center Cut Collington Mosaic

Collington Mosaic

Center Cut Homestead Ashlar

Homestead Ashlar 

Center Cut Homestead Ledgestone

Homestead Ledgestone

Center Cut Homestead Mosaic

Homestead Mosaic

Center Cut Homestead Panel

Homestead Panel

Center Cut Homestead Weathered Modern Ledge

Homestead Weathered Modern Ledge

Center Cut Hudson Valley Country Ledge

Hudson Valley Country Ledge

Center Cut Hunter's Ridge Panel

Hunter's Ridge Panel

Center Cut Hyde Park Ashlar

Hyde Park Ashlar

Center Cut Hyde Park Mosaic

Hyde Park Mosaic

Center Cut Pinewood Country Ledge

Pinewood Country Ledge

Center Cut Riviera Gray Country Ledge

Riviera Gray Country Ledge

Center Cut Riviera Gray Panel

Riviera Gray Panel

Center Cut Sahara Gold Country Ledge

Sahara Gold Country Ledge

Center Cut Sahara Gold Panel

Sahara Gold Panel

Center Cut Santa Fe Ashlar

Santa Fe Ashlar

Center Cut Scabas Travertine Panel

Scabas Travertine Panel

Center Cut Sierra Crest Ashlar

Sierra Crest Ashlar 

Center Cut Silver Travertine Panel

Silver Travertine Panel

Center Cut Sonoma Ashlar

Sonoma Ashlar

Center Cut Stonington Ashlar

Stonington Ashlar

Center Cut Stonington Mosaic

Stonington Mosaic

Center Cut Stonington Split Face

Stonington Split Face

Center Cut Timber Mountain Country Ledge

Timber Mountain Country Ledge