Ask Stone Center

With spring just a brisk breeze away, it’s time to focus on enriching your lifestyle and preparing yourself to relax, enjoy and indulge in some much-needed fun. Many customers wonder how they can get their homes ready for warmer weather. And we’re happy to help! Here are some recent questions we’ve answered that may jumpstart your own projects.

Help! My landscaping really took a hit over the winter. How can I make it look nicer without breaking the bank?

Good question – and your timing is perfect. First, be sure to clear away any debris and branches and remove any dead plantings. Next, clean up those tired beds with some fresh, fragrant mulch, available in an assortment of colors to add extra appeal. Gravel and boulders are also an easy way to amp up your outdoors. Stone Center offers a wide selection, including classic pea gravel, natural river rocks and beachy pebbles. And why not consider a beautiful garden wall or walkway as a crowning touch? We have an endless variety of materials to suit any taste and budget.

I really love outdoor living and the longer days of summer. Any ideas on making my backyard retreat even better?

A lot of people overlook the value and beauty of really great lighting. But nothing is more attractive and welcoming than the right light. Try adding some decorative lanterns to your outdoor space – sleek or retro to suit your esthetic powered by LED or candles. Better yet, let us help you design a lighting system for the ages, from highlighting a path to uplighting trees to softly illuminating your pool and patio. We can create an outdoor atmosphere that is warm, cozy and inviting. Don’t forget to pay careful attention to lighting special areas, like water features and pergolas.

My 10th anniversary is coming up, and my wife complains that I never get her anything original. What can I do?

Forget the flowers this year. Surprise her with a gift she’ll never forget – a magnificent outdoor entertainment area! Believe it or not, a dreamy backyard is easy and affordable. Start with a romantic fire pit. Available in many sizes, there’s room for one on almost every property. Add two comfy chairs, turn on the grill and some Luther Vandross, then pop that champagne. Expand your husbandly horizons with a grand outdoor kitchen, filled with top-of-the-line amenities and showcased with drop-dead pavers and stone. Best of all, you can begin with one small project and add more features every year.

We love our house, but after 18 years, it feels tired. What’s the latest way to update and refresh our indoor space?

The big idea in décor is natural, natural, natural. Bring the outside in! Greet guests with a fresh pop of color on your front door. Try an unexpected shade like sea blue green, finished with glaze for a vintage effect. Trim your porch with rustic planters overflowing with bright seasonal flowers. Inside, consider repainting walls in whites and creams – a wonderful complement to natural accents. Add a few simple pieces, like a pine trestle table or charming framed botanical prints. The crowning gem? The understated elegance of stone – sensational on the fireplace and surrounding walls, behind your bed or in the kitchen. We carry stone facades to satisfy any imagination, in nature’s most amazing hues and shapes, created by the industry’s leading manufacturers.