All-season outdoor dining

With everyone considering how and where it's best to dine safely with family and friends these days, there's no better time to create your dream outdoor kitchen. From fireplaces and patio heaters to deluxe grills and wood-fired ovens, it's easier than ever to make four-season outdoor dining a delicious reality.

Where to start? Your first step is to consider design options. Do you only want the ability to cook outside but will handle most prep work and cleanup inside? In that case, you might choose to keep things simple and just build a patio around a cooking firepit or install a wood-burning oven as your centerpiece. Complementary stone steps, firepit surrounds and decorative patio walls can combine function and beauty to nail just the right ambience for outdoor dining.

But if you're thinking full-blown kitchen,  you'll need to delve a bit deeper into your choices. We're talking about:

  • Preparation areas, including counter space for chopping produce, marinating ingredients and placing cooked dishes before serving
  • Cold and hot food storage options
  • Sinks for rinsing precooked food and washing dishes afterward
  • Outdoor bar options
  • Electrical, water and gas source placement
  • Sufficient lighting accents for cooking and eating areas and along paths leading to the space
  • Patio heaters or fire pits with smokeless inserts
  • Temporary enclosures for colder weather

A good designer will rough out spacing and traffic flow to plan just the right layout for everything.

Once you have a better idea of your design, you'll need to decide on which types of appliances will work best. Natural gas or propane grill? Stainless steel, ceramic or cast aluminum appliances? Want to add a smoker or an outdoor stove...or both?

Then it's time to choose building materials for your patio and other ground cover, cabinetry, appliance surrounds, countertops, pergolas, overhangs and enclosures. We're here to help on that score. We can advise you on which materials are the longest lasting, ideal for high-temperature use, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

Our experienced staff works with you to create a kitchen that extends your enjoyment of the outdoors. It's easy to get started - just make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms.